January 1                   tuesday                     New Years Day

January 21                 Monday                     MLK Jr. Day

May 24                         Friday                       Inservice Day

May 27                        Monday                     Memorial Day

July 4                          thursday                Independence Day

August 30                   Friday                       Inservice Day

September 2               Monday                     Labor Day

November 28              Thursday                 Thanksgiving Day

November 29              Friday                       Day after Thanksgiving

December 23-27         Monday-Friday      winter break

*The holiday schedule looks a bit different this year. We have decided to remain OPEN three additional federal holidays this year, President’s Day, Columbus Day, and Veteran’s Day, in exchange for being CLOSED the entire week around Christmas. We will still be closed the usual fourteen days per year, in accordance with our guidelines pertaining to closures each year. The decision was made primarily due to incredibly low attendance during the winter holiday weeks.