Our infants and mobiles program seeks to meet the needs of each individual child, such as diapering, feeding and sleeping. We place a strong emphasis on building a sense of security through physical and emotional experiences, such as holding securely, cuddling and giving attention while diapering, feeding, and playing. Toys are provided for both infants and mobiles to increase motor skills and mental development. 

        We believe toddlers learn by playing and watching their peers.  This class is a transition room from mobiles into Toddler-hood! They learn how to transition from a bottle to a sippy cup and sit at a toddler size table with chairs. Toys, books and puzzles are always within reach and are used in the development of mind. In toddler ones we begin to explore art through painting, coloring and finger painting. The toddlers love to paint and parents always enjoy the art they create! 

        Toddler twos are busy busy busy! They are always on the move in toddler twos.  Visiting the big room and other classrooms is just a normal part of everyday for this group. They  also enjoy outside time as often as the weather permits! Language development is progressing rapidly by this age and to help stimulate that they enjoy singing songs, teacher books, puzzles, art, and sensory. They are also learning how to master drinking from an open cup and using a spoon consistently at meal times. 

            This is a transition room from toddler twos to preschool. In this classroom, the children learn ABCs and 123s! At this age children learn how to interact with one another and acquire friendships. They love to do art, including painting, gluing and stamping. They are very mobile and enjoy lots of outside time and big room time where they can ride scooters and tricycles. They also participate in a creative movement class once a week! Toddler threes is the potty-training room. Our teachers are highly skilled at this process and love to help parents say goodbye to diapers! 

           Here at St. James we have two preschool classrooms divided by age. The Little Bunnies classroom includes children ages three to four and The Fireflies classroom includes children four to five. In these classrooms we use the Scope and Sequence curriculum in which children learn about colors, letters, math, fine and gross motor skills, language, science, life skills, and music and movement. They learn these various subjects through sensory, art, dramatic play and group time. Preschoolers enjoy outside time, visits to the library, field trips, and participate in a creative movement class once a week!